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Conflicts between shifters and beluae—wereanimals—are common; petty squabbling over territory and resources necessitates endless mediation, and no small amount of eye-rolling. As the sheriff and chief magistrate of the Eximium’s special criminal court, Duoviri Lexa O’Clare has been the judge, jury, and executioner for two millennia.  

Lexa’s going to need a larger Posse!

Team Red

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Laugh-Out-Loud, extra-spicy romance with a paranormal twist. A feisty blind woman with a sassy attitude, a snarky German shepherd who stalks low flying objects (& the occasional cat), two sexy retired Navy men with a talent for tactical planning, a man-cave with secret tunnels and classified military toys, Marilyn Monroe and other celebrity voices, & a herd of Mustangs

Okay, “herd” may be a slight exaggeration.


Upcoming Books & series…


Blind Spot,  book 7  (summer 2022)

Double Blind, book 8  (winter 2022)



ABOUT the author

Writer, T. Hammond, lives on a beautifully wooded hillside overlooking the Spokane River in eastern Washington State, with her sassy German shepherd, Molly (who’d rather be lounging on the couch than outside enjoying nature), and two cats, Ember and Ash.


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A.F., sr 3/25/15

Blind Seduction (Book 1) — First, let me start off by saying that I applaud author T. Hammond for creating a blind character that has to be the main reason I continued reading. I don’t like paranormal or romance. Glad I did continue reading it was worth it… The author did a wonderful job of creating a heroine that we as readers can relate to, connect with, and cheer for!

p.g.a., 11/6/14

Color Blind (Book 2) — Once again, I really enjoyed reading another book about our blind but brave heroine and her marvelous dog Red! Wow! Such fun! The continuing story just gets better and better, with new twists and more of the delicious romance

j.g., 3/19/16

Posse: The Duoviri — This is a set up to a new series by Ms. Hammond and I love that she gives up this novella so we go into the first book knowing the background. The Legends sound amazing and I can’t wait to begin!